TOMORROW, an animated film about climate change


Ratul, a young boy in Bangladesh, is magically shown two very different visions of the future. In the first scenario, Bangladesh has been inundated by rising sea levels, causing great suffering; in the second scenario, fossil fuels have been replaced by renewable energy, and Bangladesh is prosperous. The purpose of this film is to teach children about fossil fuels and climate change. “Tomorrow ” A production of Kazi Media Limited Directed by Mohammad Shihab Uddin Produced by Kazi Zahin Hasan and Kazi Zeeshan Hasan Animation services provided by Cycore Studios

*** COPYRIGHT WARNING *** The copyright of this content is reserved solely by Kazi Media Limited. Unauthorized reproduction, redistribution, and/or re-upload of this copyrighted content is strictly prohibited and illegal. Legal action will be taken against those who violate the copyright of this content.

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