I was able to save one of two baby squirrels


A bittersweet story about two baby squirrels. I was doing everything I could to give them the best chance to survive. For ten days I had fed them day and night, every two hours. Would they make it? I had been raising my squirrel friend Aka, who I wanted to have a Squirrel friend. But he had been a lot older when I got him. During the process I kept close contact with the squirrel rescue centre. I kept close contact with my squirrel owner friend whom has been hand raising weak baby squirrels for decades.

They were getting a very special and precise mixture of specially prepared milk to raise squirrels. I even gave the right bacteria to get their digestion working. I would like to give a big thanks to Marysia for all her knowledge and support and for the many baby squirrels she has saved.

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