Sandcastles (Original) | Teri Khair Mangdi


Official mashup video for Vidya Vox’s 2016 original “Sandcastles” and Devender Pal Singh’s cover of “Teri Khair Mangdi” by Bilal Saeed. |

Hey guys! One of my best friends sent me “Teri Khair Mangdi” and requested that I cover it. Shankar and I were so inspired by the melody that we wrote our own English song to go with it.


A huge thanks to Devender Pal Singh for absolutely smashing the song and being part of the video. He’s one of my all time favorite male vocalists and I’m so honored to collaborate with him. Also, as usual, thanks to fam Jomy George and Shankar Tucker for doing their thing. Shankar made this killer track in the car while driving to meet Devender!

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